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julie fox; underage drinking

Ms. Fox is a former teacher of mine and her entry truly shows her personality and how passionate she is. She is not one to beat around the bush and that’s what everyone loves about her; she speaks her mind and sets an example by her actions as well as words. Underage drinking is not a typical passion but that’s what is great about this project, seeing all sides of every issue.


My Passion is: Underage Drinking

If I had a super power it would be…the ability to talk anyone under the age of 21 into NOT drinking alcohol. Sure, being invisible or having the ability to transport anywhere would be amazing; but there’s just something special about seeing a student make smart choices. Yes, I’m aware that would make me the least popular super hero out there. But alas, I am not super woman. And even more unfortunate, I am against something that the United States has made culturally acceptable and totally the norm.

I will never get used to seeing young kids make bad decisions and justify those decisions with a simple statement: “I was drunk”. What good comes from drinking? Go ahead and think about it……was your answer: IT’S SOOO FUN or IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL? Of course my favorite is: I know my limits and can handle it. That about covers the answers I usually hear.

What about the repercussions of drinking? There are lots of those:

1. Congratulations, you need a substance to assist you in having fun.

2. Alcohol leads to foggy brain and your thought process is completely clouded.

3. Hangovers…enough said. That’s not a trophy to be proud of.

4. Underage drinking is a leading contributor to death from injuries, which are the main cause of death for people under age 21.

5. Both guys and gals make decisions they would never have normally.

6. How many sober fights have you really seen?

7. Drinking alcohol causes bad breathe and weight gain. Gross.

8. Underage alcohol use increases the risk of academic failure, illicit drug use, and tobacco use. Your parents would be so proud.

9. A young person’s brain and body are still growing. Drinking alcohol can cause learning problems or lead to adult alcoholism.

10. People who begin drinking by age 15 are five times more likely to abuse or become dependant on alcohol than those who begin drinking after age 20.

You want to be a leader? Then I recommend starting with abiding by the law whether you agree or disagree. I’ll never lose this passion because I know students have the power within them to lead others down a better path. Underage drinking has become a right of passage phenomenon that parents are accepting of and kids believe is cool. I wish we would quit glorifying drinking. I have such a passion to see students make bright choices and realize they don’t need alcohol in their lives. And I assure you…I have seen this leadership in SO many of my students. I have a huge smile on my face as I think of them right now. You know who you are and I am so proud of you.

Please remember: alcohol can lead to poor decisions, accidents of all kinds, memory loss, pictures you won’t want to live in infamy, regret, popularity of the wrong kind and actions you can’t take back. But there is good news…YOU CAN SAY NO and avoid it all. And if you need me to help…I’ll be here, no matter what, I promise.

Julie Fox


kevin shade; being a man

This next post is different in that is makes you think. It takes the social norm of what it means to be a man and challenges it. Kevin is a remarkable person and his post should urge you to question what you think about your duty as a man or woman whether or not you believe in God. 


My name is Kevin Shade. I have a deep passion for what it truly means to be a man. We live in a society today where success, sex, and approval of man taint what it means to be a true man. They are enticing things to follow, but they are empty and always failing. I once followed all of them in my pursuit to true manhood; they were empty and failed me. 
By the grace of the Lord showing me, I found that truly being a man means to be who you say you are in Jesus Christ. The real meaning of manhood comes from our Creator. Why would we look anywhere else for what it means than from the One who created us? Being a man can be summed up in five different aspects: Step up, Speak out, Stand strong, Stay humble, and Serve the King. 
The reason I am so passionate about this is because there is so much at stake if men don’t take up their Cross and follow the Lord. I have experienced this firsthand and it messed someone’s life up greatly. She is now in a very dark spot in her life. I pray for her daily. While I am not held accountable for her actions after our relationship, I can’t help but wonder how things would be different if I was taking up my Cross when I was with her. 
Also, the single most important person in anyone’s life is their father. A father is called to be the spiritual leader of their home and is called to provide and protect for his family at all costs. His role to everyone in the house is so crucial. He must love his wife unconditionally as Christ loved the Church as the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 5. John Wooden, arguably the greatest college basketball coach of all time from UCLA, once said, “The greatest way a father can love his children is to love his wife.” The children will see how their father treats their mother, and it will provide a great home and atmosphere to raise children in. A son needs his father because the father needs to model and teach him on what it means to be a man. The father then also needs to give his son the approval of telling him when he has finally reached true manhood. A daughter needs her father because the father needs to model to her how a man should properly treat her. She needs to see what to look for in a future husband. 
When you look throughout the entire Bible, God has a special use for men. Whenever He needs a change or is looking for something to be done, He seeks out a man fully devoted to Him to get it done. He seeks to use leaders who are fully submitted and devoted to His will. 
The world today desperately needs men who are devoted to the Lord, their families, and the Church. I am one of those men. I choose to live a life where Christ’s name is glorified for all of the days of my life.
The world has yet to see what God can do with a man whose heart is completely yielded to Him. 
Kevin Shade
Ellicott City, Maryland