Recently I’ve been reading a lot of articles, as they get shared on Facebook or posted on twitter titles like 25 things every woman needs to know  or 6 things happy people never do capture my attention. Each titles intrigues me as I strive for the information to lead a better life. I’ve realized that it’s my turn to weigh in on something I think is important, KNOWING THE VALUE of things. Too often we place too much emphasis on unimportant things and not enough emphasis on the good stuff, or the stuff we don’t even realize is the good stuff. 


know the value of ALONE TIME; quiet moments of meditation, inner reflection, prayer, these things should happen daily but they too easily get pushed aside by more pressing matters. Getting to know yourself in these quiet moments of solitude help you stand your ground in moments of uncertainty and can help you collect yourself when the world seems like too much.

know the value of SELFLESS ACTS; not for good karma, not because you feel bad for passing the homeless man without so much as a glance in his direction, but because the world needs people who will selflessly give and expect nothing in return.

know the value of READING; whether it be the newspaper or a romance novel, reading can help you get lost in something else, it’s an often overlooked hobby with essentially no downsides.

know the value of CAPTURING BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS through pictures rather than planning picture perfect moments; instagram can wait and yes if you didn’t insta it it did still happen.

know the value of EYE CONTACT; people spend so much time with their heads down they forget to really look at people and appreciate them for who they are.

know the value of a SMILE; not a smirk, a full tooth, bright eyed smile at a total stranger.

know the value of SETTING GOALS and accomplishing them; goals are great to set and even better to actually complete. Go small with daily goals, go big with long term plans, be manageable or outlandish, but don’t neglect to set them.

know the value of FEAR; it’s normal, we all have it, embrace the feeling and acknowledge what it is that’s scaring you and just as important as embracing it is disregarding it when the moment calls for it.

know the value of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than weight loss; no one has ever said “I wish I hadn’t worked out this morning” or “Thank goodness I chose the cheeseburger over those vegetables.” Do it because it makes you feel better and live a longer, happier life, not because you want to look like someone else.

know the value of MAKING THINGS HAPPEN instead of waiting for them to happen to you; there is so much value in grabbing life by the horns and steering it in the direction you want it to go.

know the value of a BIKE RIDE or a walk through your city; there’s something so exhilarating about a bike ride as the sun comes up that can’t be felt through the bulk of a car.

know the value of POSITIVITY; what you put out in the world will ultimately come back to you. Bypass the self criticism and judgement and choose compassion and a positive outlook on life. By choosing happiness and kindness you are choosing a better life.

know the value of PASSION; your life is gonna be pretty dull if you don’t love what you do, who is in it and how you live it. When you’re passionate about something, the rest just kind of falls into place.

As I wrap this up you should know that there are days when I take all of these for granted too. The point isn’t to make you feel bad for forgetting the little stuff, it’s to remind you to conscientiously make the effort to find the value in each moment. Be present in each aspect of your life and embrace and appreciate it as it happens. You can choose one thing on the list that resonates with you or ten, but each day vow to find the value in something you overlooked before. Make your own list, share it with friends, hide it under your pillow, but KNOW THE VALUE every single day. Reward yourself when it’s resulted in a positive lifestyle change and reflect when it’s done the opposite. But NEVER be complacent with your life, there is always room for improvement and always a moment to be valued. 


-Stephanie Dowrick