megan powell; reaching people in the middle of their mess

Megan has an incredible way of helping people that touches not only the people she works with but all those around her. I’ve been in her life as she has made changes that scare most people because she knew it was the right decision and I am lucky to call her a friend and role model. 


I gave my life to Christ when I was 17 years old. This act also felt like it came along with jumping from age 17 to age 30. I played varsity tennis and lacrosse in high school, was so excited to be going to Clemson University in the fall, and had a great group of friends. While remaining surrounded by the old lifestyle was challenging – being around things that could deter my faith – it ultimately came to be where the Lord showed me just how great He is. 

People need help. They need someone to listen. They need someone to meet them right where they are standing – right now. My best friend has a huge heart for missions, namely in Kenya. (If you are interested, check this out: However, my passion is in reaching people in the middle of their mess right here. I don’t have a lot of Christian friends in Raleigh because we aren’t called to surround ourselves in a bubble of people just like us. Living like that brings no struggle, no challenge, no culture. Sure it is trying and testing but what is a passion if it’s not something you’d do no matter the cost?

God has truly blessed me in the people he has surrounded me with here in Raleigh. I am coaching at a boarding high school for girls in the fall and spring seasons in an effort to show them that there is a different way to live. And hopefully win as well, but most importantly show them that you don’t have to pick one way or the other. You can love Jesus and still live with or be friends with people who don’t share that same passion. Part of loving Jesus is listening to the people’s messes you’re around and showing them grace and integrity and humility in the way you answer. I have become the person my friends come to talk to when they need something deeper than alcohol as a temporary remedy, they’ve told me they see things in me that they want to emulate (hopefully not everything, I’ve got a terribly competitive side along with quite a few other faults), and there are lessons I have learned in spending my life with these people I’m not sure I could’ve learned any other way. Praise God for that.  

I’m so grateful to those who listened to me in the middle of my mess. The person who comes to mind as I write this is even in this blog. When my something small seemed like the biggest wrench in my plan, she slowed me down and gave me a change in perspective. That’s something I couldn’t do on my own. 

Someone needs to be honest with the people you’re surrounded with every day. Meet them right where they are and just listen. Most people aren’t looking for advice; they’re looking for consolation. Listen. Try it. Listen to what people are saying, not what you want to hear. Listen to what’s really bothering them – not just what they’re talking about on the surface. Put yourself away for a minute and listen. 1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young; but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.” Do it. Weave grace into your everyday conversations. Someone notices. I promise. 


Megan Powell
21 years old
Raleigh, NC
December 2013