The Giving Tree


 All I have to give you
is all you’ll ever need
& all I ask of you
is give what you receive



The Giving Tree was a project designed to promote positivity with intention. Like most of my projects it is centered on optimism but the main focus for this was the intent behind it. I wasn’t standing there engaging in conversation and encouraging people to take or write an inspirational “leaf”. It is up to each individual to take hold of their life and choose to participate in something new, something that they are unsure of, but are going to take the chance to stop and look anyways. I’m a big believer that something as little as words on a paper can change a whole day because it’s the love behind it that really matters. Taking a piece of paper off a tree is one thing, but choosing to give that quote to someone who needs it, or writing your own for some stranger to take is not only creating your own happiness but sharing it.


The feedback so far has been great and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow!

@katie__mac “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Live & learn. Grow from your downfalls, keep on pushing. Your lowest point can be a blessing in disguise.” Everyone go get some inspiration today & leave some for someone else! #thegivingtree #thepassionproject

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@emilyannolds This is an amazing idea, and completely                         @haleycox_ Happy Monday
brightened my day. #thepassionproject

1618456_10203493781008183_1393451616_n@madzzzzzzb Monday morning inspiration! Go check out the giving tree. #thepassionproject
@bbethyy #repost Inspiration from my schools giving tree! I definitely needed this, this morning! #thegivingtree

@haleighbaxter The Giving Tree: all I have to give you is all you’ll ever need and all I ask of you is give what you receive #thepassionproject #mondayinspiration #gogetitseahawks #dobo

Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower


katie mcnamara; waking up is a gift


As we grow older, and life gets into a rhythm, many things just become a habit. Taking showers, brushing your teeth, grabbing your morning coffee, waking up — but I realized recently that you can’t take for granted waking up every day. Think about it, every day you wake up, you have a fresh start, a brand new day to make a difference in your life, someone else’s life, or to make a difference for something. That’s quite a gift!

I started thinking about this about a month ago. I was preparing to leave for spring break when I got a call from my best friend. We talk every day so I didn’t think anything of it until I heard the shakiness in her voice. After a long pause she told me that one of our friends shot himself the night before. A month ago I was skiing in the mountains with him and going sledding in the snow. We had plans to go golfing this summer, but everything changed now. He was not going to wake up, he had no more fresh starts. He is gone and missed by so many people I don’t think he knew cared about him so much. I will forever remember his contagious smile and I know he is looking over all of his friends and family.

You watch the news, and even that can become a habit. But sometimes things will catch my eye, like a plane crash, a deadly fire, or a horrendous car crash. No one involved in any of these instances thought they wouldn’t wake up the next day, and if they did, would they have done something different that day?

“What if today is your last day?” This is the question I have posted on my mirror. I wake up everyday, brush my teeth and look at that question. It reminds me that I am alive, and that that means something. It mean something to people close to me, it means something to people I haven’t met yet; maybe it means something to an animal I’m going to rescue, or a seed I’m going to plant. It doesn’t matter how big or how small something is in your life, you have an impact on what happens and that means something!

You can’t be perfect in all of your decisions, and no one expects you to be, but remember that waking up to a new sun is a gift denied to many and is something you should treasure as an opportunity –to do good for you and everything around you. You wake up to so many possibilities every morning, so please don’t make waking up a habit. Treat it like a gift that you have the power to keep giving. WAKE UP! And LIVE!

Katie Mac
20 years old
New Hope, PA
March 28, 2014