the online babysitting scam I just barely avoided

While I wouldn’t normally use this platform to write about an online scam, I feel that as a victim of it I should share my experience because I know plenty of my friends that use as a reputable site to find babysitting jobs. This post has nothing against, in fact it is because of a notice that they published that my dad and I realized what was going on.

I’ve been a member of for a couple months and don’t use it very often because my availability isn’t very open. That being said, I’ve been contacted a couple times via text or email from people on the site about jobs, which is why when I was contacted by “Marilyn Craig” through text I didn’t think twice about it.

On July 3rd I received a text that said “Hi, I’m Marilyn from Are you available for weekend babysitting? Pay is $18/hour. Kindly send your resume to marilyn’s private email ( for more details.” Now being a broke college kid, $18/hour pay sparked my interest right away and I replied almost immediately with an email:

Hi Marilyn,

I am available Friday through Sunday all day and then Monday through Thursday all I have is class from 10-12:30. My resume doesn’t include prior babysitting experience because I use it for my professional environment, that information is listed on my profile.

I have attached my resume though in case you would still like to see it.


Shelby Tate Major

And then I sent a follow up text saying “I just send you an email! Look forward to hearing from you!” to which I got the reply “thank you i will reply you” (which is the first red flag, the broken english)

Marilyn responded within 30 minutes:

Thanks for replying to my text. My name is Marilyn. I recently moved
from San Diego to Phoenix with my family but i`m relocating to your
area on 24th of July and i will need a nanny for my son immediately.
His name is Joe, 6years old and the time would be from  9am to 4pm
Saturdays and Sundays only. This is a long term position but its fine
to start temporary. Some weekdays are also flexible if you are
available but we may need to discuss that in person. I`m willing to
pay 18/hour. I believe its a great pay and i`m paying that much
because i want quality care for my son. The start date is 26th of
July.I lost my husband and a 4months old baby in January. It was my
late husband`s birthday and he decided to take the kids out while i
was still at work. Joe happens to be the only survival from the
accident but he currently uses a wheelchair. I have had terrible times
in the last few months and this is one of the reasons i have decided
to move because staying here brings back some sad memories. Kindly be
honest if you have experience with childcare because i want the best
care for Joe. 

I`m hard of hearing and can only communicate via writing, reading lips or text messaging. I hope that isn`t a problem? I`m easy going and love to laugh. I can send you a picture of me and joe in my next email.It will be nice to read about you. I want a nanny who is willing to be a friend and family. Please note that i have a few applicants for this position but i made you our first choice so i wouldn’t appreciate a waste of time. Make sure to include your complete name, address including zipcode and cell phone number in your response so i could check the map to read the distance between us also to have your address on file. You may ask questions in case you have any. I await your quick response.

Thank you!

Receiving this detailed email right away made me assume that I was dealing with a very particular situation and that Marilyn was genuinely going through some hard times and needed help. Being the caring, somewhat naive, person I am, I didn’t think to question the situation, or the fact that she asked for my address. I replied with my own email about my babysitting personality, something parents often ask for when hiring a sitter online.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly and thoroughly!
On my I have two locations listed, I am only in Wilmington until July 24th and then I move back to Charlotte until August 20th when I leave to go abroad.
I’m not sure what area you are moving to so I understand if this doesn’t
fit your needs. I will tell you a little about myself regardless in case it does work!

[Here is where I put my name, address, and phone number]

I’m very sorry for your loss but you sound like you’re handling it well.
I do have a lot of childcare experience with all ages but I do not have
any experience in childcare with him being in a wheelchair. If that is a
deal breaker I understand but I am very willing to learn.

I am currently a student at UNCW but I grew up in Charlotte. I am
studying recreation management with a concentration in non profit
because ultimately I want to work for non profits specializing in hunger
and education around the world. I’ve volunteered at the Boys and Girls club as well as tutoring for Cornelius Elementary while I was still in high school.
As a babysitter I really try to keep a positive and creative environment.
I’m not a particularly big fan of letting the kids I babysit just watch tv. I
like to bring arts and crafts, play games outside things like that. I really enjoy babysitting and I am still in close contact with all the families I have worked for.

I would love to see a picture of y’all! There are pictures on my site but if you would like I can send you one of myself as well.

She replied with

Thank you for your email. Here is my own address 839 Scaleybark Rd,
Charlotte, NC. We are moving in on 24th of July. The sitting could be
in our place but if you want Joe at your place, I wouldn’t have any
problem dropping him. You re free to do outdoors if you wish. I
suggest that we meet on Friday 25th before you start working and we
can talk on your schedule. That way we can get to know each other in
person and share some interest about ourselves and the babysitting
activities. As said in my previous email, the last couple of months
hasn’t been good and i wouldn’t want to get stocked with my Son on
arrival so i`m willing to make a deposit to you ahead of time to
ensure a secured appointment to avoid disappointment. The total cost
of your pay per weekend is $252($18/hour x 7hours/day = $126/day x
2days). I hope i can issue your first week deposit check with the
below information.

[Here was the information I had given before; name, address, phone number]

Kindly let me know if everything is clear so i may proceed. Also
attached is a picture of me and Joe. Do have a great day ahead and i
await your quick response.

Thank you!

I started to sense that things were a little strange. She didn’t seem to be worried that I wasn’t going to be in Charlotte long, when initially she was looking for a “long term position”. Also, the idea that someone would pay me before even meeting with me to see if I was a real person seemed strange in this day and age. I chalked it all up to she had been burned before and was frazzled by the move and continued communicating with her.

I know you said you were looking for something long term but I am leaving in August to study abroad for the semester. When I come back I will be returning to Wilmington. I would love to help you out until you find a more permanent sitter. If that works for you I can meet on the 25th!



Good Morning Shelby,

Thank you for your prompt response and i`m glad that we re on the samepage and we will meet around 6pm on Friday and i want you to know that you can be working with me temporary till when you want to leave the town in August and i want you to know that am sending you the first week payment to secure the job. I have made arrangement to get Joe a powered wheelchair and i got a cheaper one in Sacramento so i`m
wondering if i could have the seller deliver it to you so you can help
pay on delivery. The wheelchair cost 2523 so i will be sending you a
check to cover your first weekend deposit and the cost of the chair so
you can take out your deposit and pay the cost of the wheelchair to
the seller on delivery and we will follow you to pick the chair after
our meeting on Friday. Please understand the aim of having you
purchase the wheelchair is to ensure the wheelchair is available for
Joe on arrival. The wheelchair isn’t assembled yet. Its still packed
in pieces so its not big at all. Due to her condition, i wouldn’t want
any delay with the arrangement of the chair so you can let me know if
everything is clear.I await your email so i can proceed to mailing
your check on Next week.Happy sunday

Thank you!

After this red flags were going off right and left. I called my dad and explained the situation to him and forwarded him all of the emails thus far. It was not only strange that she would be trusting a complete stranger with this amount of money but the language she used, as well as calling her son Joe “her” was strange. I still was not 100% sure it was a scam though because how could it be if she was giving me money right? My dad told me to hold off on responding to her until he looked over it further. After a couple of hours of not responding I got a text message from the number she initially contacted me on. “Good Morning,This is Marilyn,i just sent you an email please kindly check your mail and get back to me.Thank you” My dad told me to tell her he wanted to attend the meeting with us and see if that deterred her at all.

Ok 6pm on the 25th works, my dad would like to come as well. The package will be sent to his house so he will take care of it all because I won’t be back yet.

This was the longest amount of time she had taken to respond but eventually she answered. It is said on to ask questions. Instead of being afraid of being rude or bothering them with useless questions suggest solutions (writing two checks instead of one in my case).  They also said to listen to the words. Many scammers use the same email format (there is a chain of emails for each reply and they stick to that chain-none of the emails are personalized) so try to throw them off by having “something suddenly come up.” If they completely ignore your reply in the next email and re-send the instructions again, you know you are dealing with a scammer. It seemed that I had thrown her off by asking about my father, causing a delay in the reply but at this point we had not read the information on about scams so we proceeded. She got right back down to business when she did eventually respond, talking about the check once again.

Thank you for your prompt response and for your concern about me and
my family and no problem your dad can come along.i will let you know
as soon as i mail the and Joe cant wait to meet you.

I did not respond and the next day received this.

Morning Shelby.

I hope you are doing great. Sorry for the silence. I have been pretty
much engaged with moving arrangement but i was about to mail your
check last night via FedEx and the tracking number 770568452817 and
its on way to you this morning or must have delivered to you should
try to check your mail or front door. The check was made in the amount
of 2775.90. Kindly proceed to your bank to have it deposited into
your account and keep me posted when its deposited to ensure the funds
are processed for the wheelchair purchase.

Thank you and do have a great day!

P.S My other phone fell and the phone got broken last night but i will
be texting you from my other number ok?


After a few hours of me not responding because I was busy I received a text message “Hi,I sent you an email regarding the payment mailed. Kindly check your email and keep me posted as soon as you receive and deposit the check this morning. My other phone fell yesterday and i cant read text but this is my other cell and you can always text me here.” At this point I got a phone call from my dad telling me to cut off the arrangement, he sent all the information from and I read over it before talking to Marilyn again. I replied saying I would not be able to proceed with the job and to please redirect the wheelchair and void the check to which I got the reply “ok”.

Here is the information we found online about the so called overpayment scam that helped us to realize what we were dealing with.

Online scammers will email care providers saying that they are writing from overseas and need a babysitter for an upcoming trip to the United States. Once the babysitting schedule and price has been secured, the person tells you that they will send a check for a pay deposit (your pay for babysitting). The check, however, has extra money attached to it because the person would like you to buy the children some toys at a specific store before the family arrives. The person asks you to deposit your half of the payment in your checking account at an ATM and take out the remaining money to bring to the designated store. It has already been arranged that the manager (an accomplice to the crime) will send the children the toys after receiving the payment from you.As innocent as this email seems, this scam is detrimental to you. In reality, you have inadvertently cashed a stolen or bogus check into your bank account and you will be responsible for fees associated with this type of fraud. You could be guilty of money laundering, passing a counterfeit check, or worse.

It says to look for “not A+ language”, someone using wrong tenses or mixing up words. I used the original emails in this post, not changing the format or language at all. Initially I chalked up her strange language to the fact that she was hard of hearing. Which was also a reason I didn’t suggest a phone or Skype meeting before our actual in person meeting.
They say to watch the tone, Marilyn seemed to get impatient as I tried to work out details or if I took longer than a few hours to respond to an email I received a follow up text message. She was always inquiring about when she could send the check. In reality, she had already sent the check because we received it at my dad’s house the morning that he told me to cut off ties with her. My dad tracked the check and it was sent from Hawaii, was from a bank in California but Marilyn had said she was from Arizona.
Finally it says to avoid sympathy and don’t let the sob story affect your judgement. I was hesitant to question anything because I thought it made me a bad person to second guess someone who had gone through so much tragedy. That’s exactly what they want and I fell 100% into their trap.


Luckily for me I trusted my instincts that something was fishy and went to my dad. That’s my biggest recommendation if you think this is happening to you or if you are unsure. Ask the opinions of people you trust, and if you are still unsure take it to the police and see what they think. It’s unfortunate that you have to think the worst of a situation to avoid being scammed but in the end it was worth it because I didn’t go through with it.

Here is the post that helped us realize what was going on


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  1. Shirley says:

    I just joined and was really looking forward to it but the first person who contacted was just too good to be true and I am a ver suspicious person, which is why I am here right now instead of responding to her second email. I don’t want to be harassed, I hope if I just say no they will leave me alone and then I will report it to

    1. Jenn says:

      July 15, 2015, and they are still using same story; except Marilyn is now Juanita and the son Joe “is 5 ‘years’ old,” “husband left on his birthday with children and other child was ‘2 years old’. Juanita is hard of hearing and Joe is in a wheelchair. Juanita needed my full name and address but didn’t supply hers.

  2. Tinta says:

    Another Nigerian scam

  3. Sonia says:

    The same exact message was sent to me but the lady’s name was Rosemary. She had a husband and son who died and Joe was the only survivor. I just recently got another one this past weekend and it’s a similar circumstance. Be careful who you talk to and ALWAYS look into it before accepting anything.

  4. Zaida says:

    Thank you so much for your posting your story, I been contacted by Danielle from New Zealand that is willing to pay $350 for 4 hours 3 days a week. My regreat was to give them my mobile number. I turned it around by telling “Danielle” that is best and for our own safety to meet first instead of getting payed in advance. If she would agree to meet, the address I would give her to meet, would be the police station!

  5. Jen says:

    Thank you for sharing this story!!! I just got the check and decided to look up babysitting scams and your blog came up, the exact email was sent to me with different names. Same exact responses from the scammers. It felt fishy and I didn’t want to deposit the check without more background. Thank you so much again!!!

  6. cynthia molter says:

    oh my God!!!! same woman who just tried that with me but instead of the name Marylin it was Brittany Jack exact same story she gave you she did with me. only differences was where she was coming from and the names. boys name was jeff not joe. she has my address and email thats it. i didnt think anything of it, but im glad that i caught this story and one other. i contacted about her and have a picture to. the check is supposed to come today, but im sending it back. i cant believe people could be so callous and manipulative. she will get hers!!!!

  7. Lea says:

    I got this same text & email a few days ago..From Maria David and she has a 6 year old son Joe in a wheelchair.. So bizarre.. Then I got a text from another woman today asking me to “kindly reply to her email”.. Thanks for this post! I’m in Maryland.. I don’t know how they are getting the phone numbers.. Kind of creepy!

  8. cynthia molter says:

    to Shelby tate, I hope you read this please. I have a Picture of the woman and her son. I would like to know if she sent you one? if so I would love to sto know what your picture looks like. if it is the same woman or a different one. I filed a report with the police. And the check she sent me i still have. went to the bank to have it verified and they said it was fake. I am going after this person and I am calling the bank that it came from. The police are going to help. with our persistance we will get her.

  9. Cynthia says:

    Thank you SOOOO much for posting this! I almost fell into the same scam but I typed the email into google and this blog popped up. Her email is

  10. Veny says:

    I had this happen to me today luckily I got the check but didn’t deposit it he went by the name Emili koors and I’m on care com so just be carful gurls

  11. Katy says:

    Thank you for posting this!! The same thing exactly happen to me by Jessica Blue same story and everything.. It got weird for me when another mom sent me the same story but by the name of Megan B. Thankfully I caught it before things started.

  12. Keri C says:

    Same thing with me! Michelle Jackson and Joe. And then another person with horrible grammar talking about furniture. Sad part about this is they eventually will find other ways to scam people so then the question is…”Who can you trust?” I’m going to stick with getting child care gigs by word of mouth. Thank you for posting this though. Saved me a lot of time and headache!

  13. Lily Quinn says:

    I’m so glad that you shared this. I just had the exact email sent to me because of my profile. I did some research about it when I suspected something was up. I gave out my address and phone number to her, too, and reading this and the comments makes me really glad that I’m not the only one who almost fell victim to this scam.

    Thank you so so much for sharing this and what the consequences could’ve been. I really appreciate this a lot!

  14. Barbara says:

    I wish I had seen this a week ago. I am now out $3000 because of this person.
    The exact same information, except it was a daughter.

  15. Kylie says:

    Unfortunately for me this just happened to me as well. Be aware that whoever is doing this is getting better with their “stories”, this time her name was Lisa Barker and she had a 6 year old daughter named Emma. She had just recently gotten divorced and would be moving from Australia to my area. The number she was using turned out to be a number in Phoenix, AZ. (602) 730-2811. I unfortunately talked with her for 3 months and gave her my number and address before realizing it was a scam. I feel very stupid for not being more careful but am relieved that its over for the moment. My biggest concern is identity theft. It was a learning experience and one I hope that other people wont have to learn.

  16. Anthony Appiah says:

    I literally searched ” job scams – I just moved from san diego…” and booom, i saw this blog lol. I copied and pasted the content of the blog (and cited lol) to whoever Kim Harris is. Thank you soo much, @Shelby Tates!!!

  17. Jenn says:

    Hi! I’m in the exact same situation right now. I’m a broke college student who was looking for a summer job. I had received messages from a “Bryan Scott” who said he’ll pay $20 an hour. I emailed him with my resume and communicated about the job over email. He said he was a widower with a 4-year old son and wanted me to receive his wheelchair via mail. I thought it was strange and told him I couldn’t take the wheelchair because I was moving. He said he handled it and would send me a check with my first week pay and the cost of the wheelchair and he kept asking for my address. I was confused so I asked some questions and gave him my info (address, email, number, full name). I was waiting for him to reply until I received similar text messages for child care so I googled it “ scam” and I was so shocked to find out it was a scam. I can’t believe I didn’t notice. I reported it on right away and I emailed him saying that I gave him the wrong address. I’m waiting for him to reply so I can tell him I can’t continue with this job offer. But, I’m not sure if I should go to the police if I can just cut contact off with him. Did you report it to the police or did you just handle it with your dad? Sorry, I’m so shocked and I would appreciate if you could let me know if you went to the police so I know how to handle it. Thank you so much.

  18. The Mamma says:

    Thank you So much for sharing. My daughter went through a very similar thing. Seems like they prey on college students. It was a sad story that had me in tears. However, when I searched to read the entire article, I could not find it, We were shocked that this person was wiling to send money before the work was rendered! (Red flag going up…)When she received a second ‘sad story’ of someone needing child care the red flags were raised even higher. I decided to Google part of the email and that’s when your blog came up. I appreciate you taking the time to share the emails. I read them to her over the phone and it was almost verbatim, the same thing. She was so disappointed (and embarrassed) because she looked forward to helping this family. (Even turning down a different, real, job to be available. It’s really sad, the condition of the human (greedy) heart. We will pray for these lost souls!

  19. Karen says:

    I received an email, word for word except with a different name and date. But it is exactly the same story. EXACTLY. I am also a student at college. Scary….

  20. Ivon says:

    OMG the same happened to me!! BUT, I live in German and I used website ( similar to but german one) The lady wrote me that she is a doctor and work for W.H.O. organisation. She e-mailed me that she will move to my are in one month and she want me to take care of her son. We had few email conversation….

    Finally, she asked me to buy a toys for her 2 years old son- she wrote that she will sent me a cheque for first week and for toys ”I will make arrangement for your first week payment in advance with a cheque”

    Thats crazy!

  21. elissa3700 says:

    I just got the exact emails you posted on here! Thank you for sharing! It saved me from a heartbreaking mistake!
    Heading to the police station tomorrow!

  22. Veronica silva says:

    I cannot believe I just got scam. I was given a check in the amount of $2850 took it to my bank and was told that it was a scam. I am so upset. The woman calls her self Paige Moore! She said that she needed help for her 2 dogs. I am so mad

  23. heilyn says:

    Thank you SOOOO much for posting this! I almost fell into the same scam but I th care site closed my account unexpectedly so I had this feeling that somthing was strange, and I made a research in google and them I found this blog.
    Thanks a lot.

  24. Riequelle says:

    This just happened to me today wow thank you for sharing this

  25. Rain says:

    Thank you for posting happened to me today but luckily I felt is was a scam!

  26. Jen says:

    I wish so very much that I would have seen this two weeks ago. This exact same story happened to me just recently. I was completely scammed and taken advantage of because of my trust in people and how obviously naive I am. I feel so ashamed and used and disgusted. I regret not looking up this number and for believing every word that came from this person’s messages.
    The only differences, I was contacted by a Patricia Shipp. She has a daughter named Emma who is 6. Patricia told me that she and her husband were going to be moving to my area with Emma and needed to find a trusting nanny. Some of the messages in previous incidences and stories stated above are the exact ones that I received with slightly different wording that seemed more carefully thought out. There were hardly any mistakes in her messages to me, but I should have been clued in when they sent me a check in the mail for a large amount of money to help them buy groceries and supplies for their new house. I was supposed to use this money to buy whatever it is they needed for their house. Once the money was cashed from my personal bank (a small town bank that didn’t catch my mistake), I was told that her husband actually needed the money to go to someone else. I completely and stupidly believed every word she told me and proceeded to send off the cash via money gram. Long story short, the check bounced, the cash was gone, and I now owe that amount back to my bank.
    This has completely destroyed my trust in people and woke me up. I will no longer be as naive or gullible. I’m so glad that this story is here to warn girls who have gone on to find a job. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I’m will wish every single day, that I would have seen this story sooner. Thanks for sharing.

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