Berlin, Germany

This mini passion project has been much more difficult than I expected with the short time in countries and the language barrier so it’s been a while since I tried it.

I took a 24 hour trip to Berlin while we were docked in Rostock and stayed at the EastSeven hostel. It was a Monday night that we were in the city so not a particularly big night to go out so we stayed at the hostel to have a beer and plan our night. We got to chatting with two of the guys that worked there and eventually I asked them what was one value they tried to live their life by.

They both spoke fluent English, German and Spanish as well as a bit of other languages. They were two of the coolest locals I’ve met while being abroad and the conversation we had with them was great.

FREEDOM; Christian, Berlin

HONESTY; Roman, Rostock


London, England

As I begin my semester abroad I’ve realized that I have to adapt the passion project to fit the brief amount of time I will be in each country. I’ve decided to ask people that I meet what one value is that they try to live their life by. Between language barriers and time constraints I’m sure it won’t be easy but nothing good ever comes easy right?

The Passion Project has never been about me which is why I didn’t want to do the typical abroad blog. I want you to see my experiences through the people I meet and what I learn from them.

I began in London and as it is my last night I had to get a few answers. The nice thing about London is that there are people from all over so in a span of 5 minutes I had 3 different countries. The goal of the passion project is always to gain knowledge and to learn and empathize with different people. We met these 4 guys in a bar and after a few laughs (and a few drinks) I popped the question and they were more than willing to help out.


LOVELY; Simon, Paris


ONE LIFE WHY NOT; his tattoo said “sit here”


HONESTY; Renato, Lima


EMPATHY; James, London