daily possibility

In an effort to constantly evolve & change myself & The Passion Project I’ve decided to kick off something that you can do every single day to help you live a life of INTENT. When you put purpose behind every action you find true value in life. Choose a couple days to participate in or do all of the BUT the point is not to beat yourself up when you slip up or forget a day. The point is to simply BE AWARE each & every day of what you’re doing, what you’re putting in your body, who you’re interacting with and most importantly how you are living your life. I don’t pretend to know the key to a perfect life but I do  know that each day I make the choice to incorporate passion, positivity, happiness & kindness & these things that are so perfectly intertwined help me to lead a life that I think is beautiful.

     MEATLESS monday: This day isn’t designed to make you go vegetarian but to
explore the health & environmental benefits of cutting meat out one day a week and
focusing instead on a plant based diet.

TVLESS tuesday: On this day put down the remote & turn off netflix. Instead,
pick up a book, take a workout class, talk to your roommates or try cooking a new meal.
Realize how much time you spend watching tv & how you can use that time to be productive & inventive.

WRITE ON wednesday: To help the people in your life get over hump day write a
little note to show them you’re thinking of them. Whether it’s your professor, the kid in class who
always helps you or the sweet lady that works in the dining hall, write something nice to show
your appreciation & encourage them. Hand written sentiments go a long way in the age
of emails and text messages.

THANKFUL thursday: Choose a small thing in your everyday life & just take an extra
second to be thankful for it. You have so much to appreciate & when you recognize how
lucky you are it helps boost your mood.

FACE YOUR FEAR friday: Fear is normal, we all have it, acknowledge that it’s there & embrace it.
I’m not saying jump out of a plane if you’re afraid of heights (unless you want to, then I say
go for it) but just step out of your comfort zone. Do something that gives you butterflies just thinking about;
raising your hand in class, wearing something daring, talking to a stranger.

NO WORRIES weekends: Let go! Life is for fun, for carefree, for embracing beauty.
Allow yourself to be free & really live. Have fun & let things roll off your back.
Practice spontaneity & be the free spirit wish you could be.


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