As The Passion Project continues to grow I’ve decided to expand it with it’s counterpart; The Positivity Project. Passion and Positivity are both incredibly important aspects of life, without which we cannot live to the fullest. Our passions are what keep us up at night while our positivity is what gets us through the day. They are the sun and the moon and they compliment one another to the fullest.

The Positivity Project is going to be little acts of intentional positivity that I do and post on here. I encourage you to try out some of the ideas in your own hometown and see as they take on a life of their own.

“Street Side Inspiration” JULY 26, 2013

For this project I made a poster as you can see below that said “If you’re feeling lonely, take some inspiration. If you’re feeling loved leave some inspiration.” I filled a jar with quotes I had found and written down over the week and the premise was that people would either take a piece of paper or write some of their own wisdom down and leave it in my jar. The outcome was incredible, after a few hours of standing on the corner I had spoken to at least 100 people; whether it be a brief conversation or in depth. Some people wrote quotes for me, others left money for other people in the jar, one person put some stickers inside, I even had a mom and her son buy me a sweet tea just to be nice. My favorite part was when someone would pull their inspiration out and say to me “Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you!” It wasn’t me that was picking those quotes for them, yes I wrote the majority of them, but they made the decision to choose that specific inspiration. They made a conscious decision to choose happiness.


“Holiday Hoobie Whatty” DECEMBER 16, 2013

For this project my friends and I loaded $300 on to a Starbucks giftcard. We posted the following picture to each of our instagrams with a personalized caption.


 My caption read:
“Morning y’all! As a gift from us to you @camillebattah, @weslijones and I have loaded $300 on to this Starbucks card. Just a small token of our appreciation for all those we have in our lives that we can’t see frequently enough. So treat yourself to a donut, buy a latte for a friend or share some hot chocolate with the homeless man you pass on your way to work.
Whatever you do with this gift know that it comes with lots of love and positive vibes for this season and the year to come. Merry Monday and Happy Christmas from us.

The response was fast and efficient as people began reaching out with stories and pictures of how they received their holiday surprise or how they shared it with others. Here are some of the responses we got over the course of the day.

BbnxGBcIQAAOvYD.jpg-large photo-6Bbn09UhIUAA1Mv6.jpg-largeBbnxkA3IcAAtoNz.jpg-largeBboAxTrIgAAIIo6.jpg-large

@meeackiearbaugh Can’t even express how thankful I am for @_shelbytate @weslijones & @camilebattah y’all made my week

@TorieEdwards Still amazed when I see all the tweets etc about what @_shelbytate @weslijones and @camillebattah did today! Y’all are amazing! #beautiful

@alikitchens Thank you @_shelbytate @weslijones @camillebattah you guys made our morning #sosweet

@erinlunny6 Shoutout to @camillebattah @_shelbytate and @weslijones for the Starbucks this morning!! Love you beautiful ladies so much!!

@GabbyHakim Shout out to @weslijones @_shelbytate @camillebattah for their awesome act of kindness on this beautiful day #thanku

@dd_jones What a blessing @weslijones @camillebattah @_shelbytate I shared some hot choc with a mom walking in the cold the morning with her 3 kids. Mom looked so surprised but very appreciative and as I drove off one of the little boys yelled out at me and said…..thank you again with a big smile

@courtney_glasser Thankful to share the kindness of other’s with Lucc and Swiss this morning! Blessed to be a blessing by you guys <333 @camillebattah @weslijones @_shelbytate

“The Giving Tree” MARCH 31, 2014


 The front of the sign read:
All I have to give you
is all you’ll ever need
& all I ask of you
is give what you receive


The back of the sign read:
-Take a leaf & keep it for yourself or give it to someone who needs it
-Write your own inspiring lead & leave it for someone else to enjoy

The Giving Tree was a project designed to promote positivity with intention. Like most of my projects it is centered on optimism but the main focus for this was the intent behind it. I wasn’t standing there engaging in conversation and encouraging people to take or write an inspirational “leaf”. It is up to each individual to take hold of their life and choose to participate in something new, something that they are unsure of, but are going to take the chance to stop and look anyways. I’m a big believer that something as little as words on a paper can change a whole day because it’s the love behind it that really matters. Taking a piece of paper off a tree is one thing, but choosing to give that quote to someone who needs it, or writing your own for some stranger to take is not only creating your own happiness but sharing it.

1932345_10153267840622837_1572293636_n-2 10157219_10203493780328166_2103504424_n1618456_10203493781008183_1393451616_n1978642_10203494396943581_275603797_n

The feedback so far has been great and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow!














@katie__mac “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Live & learn. Grow from your downfalls, keep on pushing. Your lowest point can be a blessing in disguise.” Everyone go get some inspiration today & leave some for someone else! #thegivingtree #thepassionproject

@emilyannolds This is an amazing idea, and completely brightened my day. #thepassionproject

@haleycox_ Happy Monday #thepassionproject

@madzzzzzzb Monday morning inspiration! Go check out the giving tree. #thepassionproject

@bbethyy #repost Inspiration from my schools giving tree! I definitely needed this, this morning! #thegivingtree

@haleighbaxter The Giving Tree: all I have to give you is all you’ll ever need and all I ask of you is give what you receive #thepassionproject #mondayinspiration #gogetitseahawks #dobo

@12nhebert Go check out @_shelbytate’s thepassionpro.wordpress.com and see the beautiful project she has started! #havecourage #betruetoyou #thepassionproject



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